Welcome to CZECH-PERU Alliance for Business Innovation!

Welcome to CZECH-PERU Alliance for Business Innovation!



multi-stakeholder knowledge

Our Team works tirelessly to build strategic partnerships between leading Czech industrial research institutions, tech experts, innovation hubs, as well as corporate solutions with Peruvian partners and clients.


applied solutions for peru

Our Team of experts fosters the alliances that transfer innovative technologies from the principal Czech industries and engineering sectors - information and communication technologies (ICT), mining, chemical and pharmaceutical, agriculture and food processing, nanotechnologies, automotive, smart cities, aviation, medical equipment, electronics,  disaster prevention, rescue and recovery management, energy, environmental sustainability, and water treatment systems - and apply the solutions in the local conditions and local collaborative frameworks in cities, rural areas and biodiversity areas in Peru.


new generation of peruvian experts

Our Team of experts believes that the traditional entrepreneurial drive and problem-solving nature of Peruvian experts, corporations and innovation hubs has created a timely and productive environment to foster the development of new generation of thinkers and industrial leaders who realize the potential of Czech technologies, applied research and products in local environment.

Visit us in miraflores, lima!

Calle Enrique Caballero Orrego 325, Miraflores, Lima, Peru

+51 1 6528240

Let us know your interests and questions.


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